Flamingo nXt - Photo-realistic Rendering in Rhinoceros for Marine Designers

With Rhinoceros   as your modeling platform, it is inevitable for you to turn to  the question of how to get those photo-realistic views of your designs moving through the water with helicopters hovering overhead and sea gulls swooping.

Flamingo nXt is your answer.  With Flamingo nXt, materials can be applied to your surfaces (including the water surface) and lights placed that accurately simulate the look and feel of a real marine environment. When you want to put your clients in touch with your design, there is no better way than a photo-realistic rendering in Flamingo. However, we'll leave it to your Photoshop skills to place the seagulls

Tutorials under construction

We will be offering tutorials in rendering in Flamingo nXt to help ease you into this very satisfying aspect of working in 3D. The tutorials, having been put on a back burner are nearing completion and will be announced in the next month or two

Flamingo demo available

As with all software, you will want to get your hands on the controls, without plunking down a bucket of money, so the the good folks at Robert McNeel & Associates have provided a demonstration version, which allows you to take a test drive.
Download the demo, here

Purchase here

Once you've taken the demo  for a spin, here is where you can get the real deal.  We think you will quickly realize that Flamingo is the answer to your rendering needs.  If you want to purchase several licenses, the discounts shown on our products page apply.