Few software products make such an indelible mark on an industry as Rhinoceros has, since its initial launch in 1990.  Rhino, as it is affectionately called allows the designer complete freedom to model his or her hulls any way he or she feels is best.  As with most programs, in Rhino there is no "right" way.  

If you stop at modeling hulls, you will miss the beauty of Rhino, which is that it is not a dedicated program.  Hulls are one of an infinite number of objects that can be modeled.  Most practitioners with any amount of Rhino experience have built large libraries of standard parts that can be used as blocks to outfit their models.  Entire superstructures have routinely been modeled in Rhino and the resulting models used as input for NC machining of tools to build composite parts or NC cutting data to nest and cut metal parts that fit with accuracy not possible a few years ago. All the models on our pages are products of Rhino.  

If that's not enough, Rhino provides a full suite of capabilities to allow you to use it as your drafting program as well.  Blocks, text, dimensioning, layouts (similar to paper space in AutoCAD) and details (similar to MViews in AutoCAD) make your 2D drafting tasks easy and efficient.  

We also offer a wide range of Tutorials and other training options to make your introduction to Rhino as effortless as possible.

Rhinoceros demo available

As with all software, the good folks at Robert McNeel & Associates offer a demonstration version of Rhino.  The beauty of their demo is that it doesn't expire.  The hitch is that you can only save 25 times with the demo, but you can continue to open models with it forever, in theory 

For this reason, there is no "viewer" application, like in some CAD programs.  The demo does double duty..
Download the demo, here

Purchase here

Once you've taken the demo for a spin, here is where you can get the real deal.  We think you will quickly realize that Rhino will become your modeling system..  If you want to purchase several licenses, the discounts shown on our products page apply.

Rhinoceros v5.0 commercial license - $US995