The Rhino Marine Training Environment


There are no specific prerequisites for the Rhino Marine Modeling Basic. You should have basic computer skills and have experience as either a designer or builder of boats. For each successive course, the previous course or evidence that the requisite level of Rhino experience has been achieved will be required.

Course work

Each course is designed to let you work at your own pace. Keep in mind that the basic course has been completed as a six-week course by hundreds of students over the years, so giving you a year to complete it should be ample time.

Time Limits

As previously noted, you have up to a year to complete the entire course. How quickly you complete each lesson is up to you. It is recommended that you spend as much time as you can, especially during the final three sessions, as these demand the most work and "leaving it for later" always leads to disaster.


Tuition for each class is US$390.00. For each prerequisite class you've completed you will get a cumulative discount on the next class. For example, if you take class A, which is a prerequesite for class B, then your tuition for class B will be US$340.00 If Class B is a prerequisite for Class C, then your tuition for class C will be US$290.00

At this rate, I could theoretically be paying you to take the classes.


Payment for each course is required before you can begin working on the course material. Once you have been registered in the course, you can view this page by visiting the site and not logging in. Once you've logged in, clicking the Training item in the menu will take you directly to the course in which you are currently registered. You won't be allowed to register in more than one course at a time.

Payment will be done by credit card, once you've provided your basic information and clicked the "confirm" button. This payment will be handled by Be assured you don't need a PayPal account to complete the transaction.


Your progress will be monitored and when you reach the end of Session 3 - Working with Curves, no refunds will be allowed. Just to let you know, opening any lesson after that will signify your commitment to complete the course and refunds will no longer be allowed.

Rhino Marine Modeling Basic

Our long-running course introducing the marine designer to the power of creating designs in Rhinoceros 4.0 has come home to BaseLine Technology and received a face lift to include, not only coverage of Rhino 5.0, but also to cover more intensive coverage of the subject.

Formerly hosted by the good folks at Professional Boatbuilder Magazine in their eTraining division, the course is now a continuously running course, in which the student can take up to six months to finish. Formerly, the course lasted only six weeks, after which extensions were available on request. Now, however, we recognize our students frequently go through periods in their professional design careers when it's just not possible to get to the computer to complete their course work.

Additionally, a complete coverage of the user interface is included in the course. This was not a possibility in the six-week regimen.

What this course is

This course is an introduction to the Rhinoceros v5.0 modeling environment and the skills needed to model hulls, superstructures and other marine structures. We will use marine terminology extensively, so those without design or building skills or "book learning" will need to provide their own research, if these terms are confusing.

By the end of this course, the student will be comfortable with the operations needed to create models.

What this course is not

This course is not a marine design course. We will not be covering any of the basics of naval architecture or boatbuilding. You will be expected to bring those skills to the course or do whatever research is necessary to achieve them, either before attempting the course or while working on it.

If you are interested in learning about boat design or building, we suggest courses available from Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology or similar courses available online.

Tuition for this class: US$390.00

Rhino Marine Modeling Advanced

This course, expanding on the skills covered in Rhino Marine Modeling Basic, covering subjects involving more involved practice of the basic skills and introducing topics not possible in the basic course and some topics not involved in the creation of the models, themselves.

Like the basic course, this course does not involved the use of the various plugins available for purchase. It does, however, involve the use of the AttachGHS and DevSurface plugins, both of which are available from Robert McNeel Associates.

Keep your eye on this page for further details as the development of this course progresses.

Tuition for this class: US$390.00

Rhino Marine Modeling Power User

For those who must squeeze the most out of their Rhino, this course will delve into the use of customization technologies (Menus, Toolbars, Plugin development, RhinoScript, etc.) as well as further investigation into advanced techniques in modeling.

Keep your eye on this page for further details as the development of this course progresses.

Tuition for this class: US$390.00

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